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To all my lost men out there

29 Jul

Something that I wrote years back but still can be applied till this day. Hope you enjoy!!

There is a man out there so sad and alone
 He chose to live his life like this because he has no where to go
There are so many opportunity out there for him but he will never learn  
Stubbornness is his down fall   
 Once he was happy fill with life
Now he always thinks about ending his life
He doesn’t want anyone help because he wants to be a man
But deep down  inside he knows he needs a helping hand  
Many people past and go in his life but there are only a few that really touch his heart
Now those same people are gone, he is once again alone
His mind plays cruel games with him, knowing his heart wants to love
But his mind says no your going to stay in misery because you dont know the meaning of love  
 Maybe one day he will come back to reality
 His spirit will come back and realize all the wrong he done
But until that day he stays in a dark place
Because now all his doing is making a big mistake

….Apparently I’m not “Brooklyn” enough.

27 Jul

I’m going to speak on something that’s been bothering for a while. It really isn’t a big deal, I don’t get offended by it but I think its pretty funny when someone asks me “what? you’re from Brooklyn” or the best “Son, you aint black…how you black and you don’t know…..” Ok, so what my “urban slang” is off or I don’t know a Biggie lyric when someone just throws it at me, I never had a fking chico stick until 2008 and I just found out the meaning to “posted up” (btw that shit is so retarded…posted up?!? pssshhh) So what I secretly go to when I am online chatting to fellow urbanites and I have no fking clue what they’re talking about.  Yea I still look at the subway map when I am on the train, no I don’t know where the fucking B6 bus goes to, and no I’ve never walked around Harlem because I never had to go there. Does this really mean I’m not Black/Brooklyn enough? I mean when I filled out my census form I checked off “Black/African-American”..That makes me black right? I should have checked off Negro to be a dick to be honest with you.

Oh and I love the “wow you don’t sound black on the phone”. Do you know how stupid you sound? Do you understand that you’re putting down your own people down? Oh wait, is it because I don’t sound like a fucktard on the phone? Or is it because I complete my sentences?..well most of the time i do (Shut up O’neil)  Maybe, just maybe it’s because I know the differences between you’re, your, their, they’re, there too, to and two (currently checking to see if ive used these words properly in this blog 😀 ) WTF is sounding black exactly?  So you’re obviously saying black people can’t have an intelligent conversation without sounding white! Is that right? No seriously, correct me if I am wrong.  Either way, call me a oreo, a Tom (thanks  Mike aka Super Jew for that one) a sell-out whatever term they use now for a defective black person. I’ve never been concerned with race and I know who I am…I’m just J… As far as I am concerned I’ve survived 25yrs in NYC.. I know the most important shit that kept me alive this long… always cross the street when I see a group of “urban men” coming my way. LMAO ok that was wrong   but hilarious….PEACE OUT SON!


Trashy Tuesdays

27 Jul

Today is Trashy Tuesday. I want to address a few things that I find trashy.

On to the next is Foxy Brown, Miss ill na na not. WTF are you wearing Fox, your not being a good representative of Brooklyn right now.



Last but not least:

Why Rick Ross, Ricky, Rozay, whatever the hell you want to be called nowadays. Man boobies are not cute at all!! Stick to your music, not posing naked…..

Beware your eyes might hurt after viewing this picture:


Songs of 2010 that are my guilty pleasures….

24 Jul

Ok so there are a few songs out there that I like and I know I shouldn’t. Either way I decided to make a list of these guilty pleasure songs, and Jamie shut up I know you got something to say….

  1. Soulja Boy- Pretty Boy Swag
  2. Cali Swag- Teach me how to Dougie
  3. Enrique Iglesias- I like it
  4. Justin Bieber ft Usher- Somebody to love (jeez i feel like a pedophile)
  5. Detail- Tattoo Girl
  6. Nicki Minaj- Your Love
  7. La Roux- Bulletproof
  8. Adam Lambert- If I had you

I got a pimple on my ass!!

23 Jul

Ok so I got a pimple on my ass and it really hurts. But seriously why must some people suffer from the annoyance of having a pimple on the ass. Like why the Man upstairs think this is funny is beyond me. I have to sit mainly on my left butt cheek just so it wont bother me….

Uggghhh they need to come out with pimple ass cream…….

annoyed Chrissy…..

….Why was I born with a Vagina?

23 Jul

Don’t get me wrong ppl. I love my Vagina, I treat it well and for the most part it hasn’t let me down yet (except for that cheap Brazilian wax….the HORROR) BUT I find myself zoning out and staring @ women. Seriously, if I am not passed out on the train on my way to work I am looking @ chicks and thinking I would tear that ass up daily.. and then move on to the next..I would of been a man whore…that is IF I had a penis. No I am not a lesbian, I love men..but I enjoy women once in a while  ..I’m just curious to what it feels like to have the almighty cock. Guys go nuts for some head, I want to know what the big deal is about.. does it feel as good as when my twat gets tickled? Then again do I really want to deal with unpredictable boners @ the wrong time? Anyway gotta go, this was just a random thought…


To be with or the be without Facebook

23 Jul

Ok so facebook is the new internet crack (well not so new because I knew ppl craving it for a while). But recently I decided to delete my page because I felt it was getting wayyyy to personal. Every little thing you write someone take s*** to heart, everyone from high school is my friend (which I havent seen them in like 8yrs), even the people I never really talked to before friended me.

So the other day an ex boyfriend of mine decided to pop back up on FB and that’s when I decided this is getting out of control. Plus I caught myself checking my FB every hour….NO BUENO!! So I decided to finally end the madness and delete my page, which I must say is a pain in the ass just to delete. It’s like FB is determined to make you stay on their site forever. They first ask you are sure you want to delete your page, Yes. Then pictures pop up of your friends and on top of each picture it tells you “well your friend Angie will miss you, your friend Lori will miss you, your mom will miss you, etc….” Again I click yes to deactivate. Then they ask what is the reason why you want to delete your page and then they give you options on how to make your “FB” experience better. Dude seriously??? I said it once before “facebook is the devil”… breaks up many relationships and end friendships. Why??? because people take s*** to personal. So yes please delete!!!

Well I’m deciding to start another page, make it less personal, and promote this blog. I will keep you posted on when I decide to reenter satan’s online playground…..