…Just when you think you got it bad, someone is allergic to shell-fish.

22 Jul

So you’re probably wondering why I named my entry that…the truth is I have no idea…ok no actually I do. I like to eat A LOT! I’m like one tootsie roll away from being unable to move from my bed and having to be removed from my apt with a fork lift. The food network is my PORN..Ok, I am lying about that too, but its pretty funny to read that $hit in the news…I mean seriously.. WHY are you that huge?..but anyway I like shell-fish and the thought of not being able to eat a $hit load of shrimp @ any given time just scares the crap out of me. So just when you think you got it bad…someone cant enjoy shrimp cocktail..ok that was really fat, but that’s what I do.

Ok, enough of the BS my FBPR (one day I might entertain you as to why she is named FBPR) Christina started a blog out of pure boredom…and mostly because our lives are a joke.. a big flippin joke. Daily the MAN above needs a laugh.. I mean who doesn’t? We’ve destroyed our environment, the world is going to end in 2012, and we’re probably going to have a republican as our next president AGAIN…so why wouldn’t the big dude in the sky not need a laugh? And that’s where Chrissy and I come in, we are the “Kings Jokers”.

So I will randomly post the bs that is my life. BTW I’m not sorry if you get offended, you decided to read our blog even though the name says it all. Feel free to comment all you want…



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  1. Dee July 22, 2010 at 15:37 #

    Love it J… keep em’ coming!

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