To be with or the be without Facebook

23 Jul

Ok so facebook is the new internet crack (well not so new because I knew ppl craving it for a while). But recently I decided to delete my page because I felt it was getting wayyyy to personal. Every little thing you write someone take s*** to heart, everyone from high school is my friend (which I havent seen them in like 8yrs), even the people I never really talked to before friended me.

So the other day an ex boyfriend of mine decided to pop back up on FB and that’s when I decided this is getting out of control. Plus I caught myself checking my FB every hour….NO BUENO!! So I decided to finally end the madness and delete my page, which I must say is a pain in the ass just to delete. It’s like FB is determined to make you stay on their site forever. They first ask you are sure you want to delete your page, Yes. Then pictures pop up of your friends and on top of each picture it tells you “well your friend Angie will miss you, your friend Lori will miss you, your mom will miss you, etc….” Again I click yes to deactivate. Then they ask what is the reason why you want to delete your page and then they give you options on how to make your “FB” experience better. Dude seriously??? I said it once before “facebook is the devil”… breaks up many relationships and end friendships. Why??? because people take s*** to personal. So yes please delete!!!

Well I’m deciding to start another page, make it less personal, and promote this blog. I will keep you posted on when I decide to reenter satan’s online playground…..



3 Responses to “To be with or the be without Facebook”

  1. Barry July 23, 2010 at 19:16 #

    Seriously, come on son we FB husband and wife how you gone leave me ? First you change your schedule at work and then leave me on FB SMH what the hell, wheres the love?

    • umightgetoffended July 23, 2010 at 19:38 #

      Hey you changed your schedule first and as you can read I might come back….Still love you

  2. sheema July 27, 2010 at 01:13 #

    lol.. chrissy u are so right people do take shit to seriously. I like to comunicate with my friends and family on there lot too, but it is starting to be a real pain in da ass.

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