….Why was I born with a Vagina?

23 Jul

Don’t get me wrong ppl. I love my Vagina, I treat it well and for the most part it hasn’t let me down yet (except for that cheap Brazilian wax….the HORROR) BUT I find myself zoning out and staring @ women. Seriously, if I am not passed out on the train on my way to work I am looking @ chicks and thinking I would tear that ass up daily.. and then move on to the next..I would of been a man whore…that is IF I had a penis. No I am not a lesbian, I love men..but I enjoy women once in a while  ..I’m just curious to what it feels like to have the almighty cock. Guys go nuts for some head, I want to know what the big deal is about.. does it feel as good as when my twat gets tickled? Then again do I really want to deal with unpredictable boners @ the wrong time? Anyway gotta go, this was just a random thought…



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  1. sheema July 27, 2010 at 01:07 #

    that was a good one jamie.

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