To all my lost men out there

29 Jul

Something that I wrote years back but still can be applied till this day. Hope you enjoy!!

There is a man out there so sad and alone
 He chose to live his life like this because he has no where to go
There are so many opportunity out there for him but he will never learn  
Stubbornness is his down fall   
 Once he was happy fill with life
Now he always thinks about ending his life
He doesn’t want anyone help because he wants to be a man
But deep down  inside he knows he needs a helping hand  
Many people past and go in his life but there are only a few that really touch his heart
Now those same people are gone, he is once again alone
His mind plays cruel games with him, knowing his heart wants to love
But his mind says no your going to stay in misery because you dont know the meaning of love  
 Maybe one day he will come back to reality
 His spirit will come back and realize all the wrong he done
But until that day he stays in a dark place
Because now all his doing is making a big mistake