Strange white men scare me and black religious men annoy me

2 Aug


Pretty much the title explains it all. Ever since I was a little girl this is how I felt about these two groups of men. No one told me how to feel about them (unlike my mother telling me handicap people were the boogey man so she wouldn’t have to sit there an answer all my questions on why god made people like that. So yes pretty much I stood away from the handicap until I was a teenager) but I grew a fear and annoyance for both.

 The other day I was walking out my housing authority building (aka projects) and this white guy out of no where said good morning to me and started to talk about the weather. I did say good morning, smiled a little, nod my head and went the opposite direction of him which doesn’t even lead me to the bus stop. I just wanted to get away from him because strange white men in the projects mean either two things: he is either a DT or schizophrenic.

 After I finally get to the bus stop (due to my detour) there was a black religious guy passing out the word of god (which I left the pamplet at Jamie’s house on purpose lol) and asking me to join his church. He looked like a reform wanna be pimp, looking to recruit young tenderonis to join his holy playground. Whatever! They try to preach the lord good word and only really mean what they say  when something bad happens; just a bunch of hypocrites. Which leaves me to my next blog…..


One Response to “Strange white men scare me and black religious men annoy me”

  1. DD August 19, 2010 at 08:27 #

    “I just wanted to get away from him because strange white men in the projects mean either two things: he is either a DT or schizophrenic.”
    … hahahahhahaha …

    That reminds me of my student who responded to my telling the class that whenever ANY adult walks in here be on your best behavior. Turning to the class she said, “Ok, so any white lady who walks in here we gotta fold our hands and shut up.” … Not what I said or meant, but inside I laughed hysterically. Kinda sad too when you think about it. eh … public schools

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