♥The Bad Girls Club!!

4 Aug

This has to be one of my top guilty pleasures. I started watching the Bad Girls Club from season 3 and been hooked ever since. I love the cat fights, the drunken girls, the foul language, and did I mention the all out brawls they have. It’s like an episode of Real World and Jersey Shore mix together with speed. Last night was the season premiere and I must say this season is going to be a lot of drunken bi-sexual women drama. I LOVE OTHER PEOPLE DRAMA!! lol

Anywho I hope some of y’all can catch an episode and join the bad girls fun. Check out oxygen.com for a preview.

~Bad Girl 4 Life Chrissy~


One Response to “♥The Bad Girls Club!!”

  1. DD August 19, 2010 at 08:11 #

    I watched the first season! lmao … I love other people’s drama cause it ain’t m’own. lol

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