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10 things that “Grinds our gears” Part 1

9 Aug

10. People that always try to talk to you in the office but they talk so low you can’t understand them and you have to say what a 1000 times.

9. When someone doesn’t wash their hands after using the bathroom, especially when you see them come out the stall and they just walk by you and the sink. (GROSS)

8. Someone walking into a quiet room talking obnoxiously loud on their cell phone.

7. When someone ask you for advise and then argue with you about the advise you’re giving them.

6. When someone ask you to order food with them, and you ask them what they want, and then they say it doesn’t matter whatever. Then you tell them what restaurant you want to order from and then they say no, they don’ t want that.

5. When your job doesn’t have no coffee cups left.

4. When someone gets on the bus to take it just one stop, down the same block, and they are not elderly or handicap.

3. When someone sits right next to you on the bus or train and they’re a million seats empty.

2. When a big person squeezes themselves in a seat on the train,  knowing they have no business sitting there.

1. When someone is on public transportation and they have a full conversation or play music on their speaker phone.


~*~ Chrissy~*~