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10 things that “Grinds our gears” Part 2

10 Aug

10. Obese people who take up more than one seat and now I have to stand. Thanks asshole!

9.    Obese people who get to ride in the motor shopping carts because they can’t walk that far… more power to you.. I’m just hating because I’m too lazy to walk up and down the aisle.

8.     People who come and talk to you @ work and just violating your personal space. Why must you be so close to me? Any closer and rumors are going to start that we’re screwing in the janitor’s closet everyday @5pm. Also when people see that you’re occupied doing something and still want to have the forever meaningless conversation with you. Me listening to my IPOD didn’t give you a clue to blow off?

7.     Men that only know one position… BACK SHOTS!

 6.     Loud people. I can’t stand it, I HATE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. I have visions of beating you people with bats. I don’t need to hear how the chick you had last night was the worst lay EVER or anything else about your life. You all can die! Jerks !!!! Sad to say but it’s mostly “my people”.. oh wait, they havent accepted my black application yet so fuck them!

5.    Skinny chicks that tell me they need to go on a diet. What are you a size 6?  Like are you serious right now? You’re one puke away from bulimia.. you know what, go stuff yourself with 3days worth of food and go puke it back up. Dont worry, I’ll hold your hair.. I hope your esophagus deteriorates @ a faster rate moron (btw I am not promoting this)

4.   Personal Nextels and the idiots who still use them… this also relates to #6.

3.     “Parents” who yell @ their children for no reason. I see this every day and its sad. People should have to fill out an application to become parents… I’m just saying!

2. Chicks with weaves. Ok I have a lot of issues with weaves especially when its cheap, looks absolutely fake and it’s almost touching your ass. Who are you fooling? NO ONE! especially that Oprah and Chris Rock blew up your spot. It also annoys me that when I just want a wash and set I have to wait 5hours (I’m not exaggerating this) because you need a full weave.. Good Lord you were just here last week… ok I’ll admit #1 my stylist needs to start making appointments but that’s just Brooklyn for you and #2 I rocked a weave once… but it just wasnt for me and I am not knocking the “unfortunates”…..I just hate when its 3 of yall @ a time… uugghh!

1.     People who show off their children all the time. Look i just passed you in the hallway to ask how you and the kid are doing. I don’t need 20mins of conversation about how they just started to walk, how they are now eating solid foods and wtf they did that was new.. oh and now you’re pulling out wallet pics? COME ON! You just showed me pics 3 wks ago, why must i see the same kid again? Sorry I’m not going to say how big the lil fucker has gotten… you’ll get more of a reaction from me if you show me pics twice a year….then i can have a natural and honest reaction.. and at the same time, i still wont give a shit. I was just being polite in the hall way before you go to HR and complain I’m an angry black woman.



When to call it quits

10 Aug

Usually my blogs are about funny, random, everyday things. But sometimes life comes at you so incorrectly you can’t even attempt a smile even if you try. Many of my very close friends know what I’ve been going thru lately and the issue that’s been reoccurring but I finally learn to let go. Quickly I want to touch basis on how serious addiction can really be. People will never understand the toll it takes on a person mentally when your dealing with someone with any type of addiction. How one minute you can love and care deeply about a person and when their under the influence, you just want to run far away. When do you decide to say enough is enough and stop helping a person or stop being there for them? My point was when they decided they didn’t want to help themselves at all anymore. Even though I wish I can turn my emotions off and completely forget about this person I can’t. But I did learn to just say f*** it and keep it moving. All I can do now is say a silent prayer….