When to call it quits

10 Aug

Usually my blogs are about funny, random, everyday things. But sometimes life comes at you so incorrectly you can’t even attempt a smile even if you try. Many of my very close friends know what I’ve been going thru lately and the issue that’s been reoccurring but I finally learn to let go. Quickly I want to touch basis on how serious addiction can really be. People will never understand the toll it takes on a person mentally when your dealing with someone with any type of addiction. How one minute you can love and care deeply about a person and when their under the influence, you just want to run far away. When do you decide to say enough is enough and stop helping a person or stop being there for them? My point was when they decided they didn’t want to help themselves at all anymore. Even though I wish I can turn my emotions off and completely forget about this person I can’t. But I did learn to just say f*** it and keep it moving. All I can do now is say a silent prayer….




2 Responses to “When to call it quits”

  1. umightgetoffended August 11, 2010 at 13:43 #

    Yea girl, sometimes you just have to walk away. If they arent going to do it for their family or themselves then they wont do it for you. Unfortunately some ppl have to hit rock bottom first.


  2. DD August 19, 2010 at 08:05 #

    It ONLY works when they do it for themselves. It’s very very painful to be part of. Hard to just stand by and watch, but they will suck you dry as they drown.
    Gotta be strong for yourself … i feel u, pumpkin 😦

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