10 things that “Grind Our Gears” Part 3 Makeup Edition

1 Sep

Ok so many guys might not relate to this post (unless your my lovely drag queens) but you will still get a laugh out of this:

10. Blue eyeshadow is so 80’s please leave it behind, unless it’s a soft blue or dark blue to go with the smokey look.  Example of bad blue eyeshadow is the lady below.

9.  To much blush! Ladies please stop with the clown circles around your cheeks and the vibrant pinks. There are other colors and techniques to apply blush.

8. Vaseline is not consider in any form foundation. Unless your face is cracking from being so dry or you about to get into a fight do not step out the house with vaseline on your face.

7. This is part of #8 the greasy face look has never and will never be “in”.  This goes for guys as well, buy yourself face wash to reduce shine. Please don’t walk around like you just stuck your face in a plate of grease.

6. Roll on lip gloss was just a fad in junior high school.

5. Lip liner that is 2 shades darker than your natural lip color is no bueno. I was a victim of that when I was 14 yrs old and was in my puerto rock phase with all my  gold jewelry and every piece had my name on it.

4. Fake eyelashes that looks…..well…FAKE. Stop with the oversize eyelashes that look like you can barely open your eyes.

3. White eyeliner alone is not a good look. You must put something else to blend with the white eyeliner and it should only be worn on your bottom eyelid to give you a fresh awake look. Not on the top eyelid, its to cha cha diva.

2. Just because the makeup looked good in your room with the lights dim, does not mean when you step outside it will look the same. Please ladies if you really don’t know what you’re doing while applying makeup and is still in the learning phase, do everything in the bathroom.

1. Red lipstick is not for every women, I repeat red lipstick is not for every women.

So if you want to avoid looking like this:

Follow these makeup don’ts.