The word LOVE

2 Sep
Something I wrote 4 years ago. Wow wasn’t I in a different place in my life, I sort of miss that Chrissy lol…….
It’s crazy how the little things in life can have such a big impact on people, such as words as I love you, or I care for you. These words can brighten up a person day or push someone away if they don’t feel the same.  I for one felt the power of these words just as many people have in this world. These words can bring up feelings in people who is out of their norm. It can make a man decide to give up his player ways and settle down with his girlfriend or boyfriend (have to be open-minded it’s 2006). It can also have someone go completely insane and decide to go out and kill someone because that person was trying to hurt their love one or in some cases kill someone because that person didn’t love them back. These words can push a person far over the edge and lose any sense of reality with the real world.
    I have many acquaintances but little friends and I’m very close the ones I do label has my true friends. I listen to their problems and there everyday struggles and it’s funny how life can pull us in many directions. They have everyday struggles such as loving a person who don’t love them back or putting up with the bullshit that there significant other puts them thru. And we all think one way or other why they just can’t let go. It’s so easy to leave your job or drop out of school, leave your parents house but it’s so hard to walk away from the person or thing we love. All it take is a couple of words
as I don’t want to be with you no more or drastic measure such as changing your number, email address, or even moving. Even if that person put you thru hell and back, we seem to hold on to this person because we felt we gave so much of our self. We allowed our self to love this person. We gave months, years, even decades to this person and things start to crumble at your feet and your relationship starts to go sour. But we feel we open up a part of our heart only a few can have and it’s so hard to let go. Crazy how a feeling call love can make you do the strangest things and believe me I did things I thought I would never do but did because I was in love.
    But on a brighter note love can bring out the best in people. It can make you change your life for the better and have a great impact on your life. It can make you feel things you thought you never would and do things for a person you thought you never would. It can make you do someone laundry, cook, clean, travel long distance to see them and etc. I for one done all these things for the person I love and don’t mind because it brings out a feeling of satisfaction for me. It makes me feel like these little things can show the person how much you care for them. Some might take the little things one does for another for granted but I try not to. After my last relationship I took all these things into consideration and learn to appreciate the little things. Now I’m in a new relationship I try not take my old and bad habits with me but it’s hard sometimes. Sometimes I say things I don’t mean when I’m mad so now I just try to hold my tongue and just listen.  But sometimes bad habits are hard to give up and it affects my relationship at times.  But I learn to be humble and apologize for my mistakes. A very big step for me when I am use to being stubborn and even when I’m wrong, I’m still right. I approve a whole lot over the past two years and learn how to let things flow, learn how to be patient and live life. I also realize too much too soon does more damage than good.  I feel my life is at a slow pace right now and don’t know what the next day well bring but I’m content at this time in my life. Even if I feel like I should be doing more with my life I want to approve on the little things first then take the big steps. I use to think what was the purpose of being on this earth and what I should do with my life. I felt empty inside because I always had a plan, a next step and my life was at a halt. But I learn to stop and smell the roses (metaphorically speaking) and enjoy the ride this crazy life has install for me.
    To my family, my friends and love ones thanks for confiding in me and telling me things you wouldn’t want anyone else to know. Thanks for letting me listen to your problems and taking my advice afterward. You made me realize that I do have people who care and love me. I am grateful for being part of your life and sharing the little moments and big events life brings to us. There was one point in my life I felt I wasn’t needed on this earth and wanted to give up, but because of my love ones I had a purpose. Even when I was at my lowest point in my life I got up slowly but surely and succeeded against all the odds. There still going to be a lot of heart ache, drama, joy and pain but we all would get thru it because you have me and I have all of you. Even if it’s not many of you I still feel bless and loved. This word love comes into play again and you can see why this simple word packs a whole lot of meaning into it. Even if its joy, happiness, or fear it’s a feeling we will never forget and will never go away.