Chrissy current events

27 Sep

So I haven’t been able to write that often as I like to, between traveling 2 hrs just to get to work and then spending 10 hrs at work,  to take another 2 hrs just to get home it takes a lot out of me. My days off I just want to lay in bed all day but can’t do that because I got other responsibilities that unfortunately I don’t get paid for.

 So just to bring you up to speed I broke my no drinking for a month or more because I had to celebrate. I got my LICENSE!! YAY ME!! Ok so to the people who don’t live in New York, getting your license is like any other thing. But to a 24year old New Yorker (that’s right it took me that long) it’s like getting a certificate from school or something.  It’s not a big thing to have a license in New York because there is public transportation, but when you do get it you feel like you’re the shit. I know people who live in NY their whole life without even having a permit let alone a driver’s license.  So my reason for drinking is that, plus I’m just a social drinker 🙂

Other than that I still suck when it comes to the other things in my life (love, career, money, etc.) Things I will be working on asap……..Till next time