Truth is everyone uses each other……

4 Oct
So I had a random thought while I was riding the train this morning and listening to Jazmine Sullivan lions, tigers, and bears, and came to the conclusion that everyone uses each other. From the most minor things as getting a cup of coffee for someone or getting the mail, to big things like co signing for a car or borrowing a large amount of money. But I think everyone reading this can agree with me that at one point in their life they used someone just for the companionship. We string someone along, someone who we don’t even like that much just so we can have someone around. Some do it for the sex (most), or some just don’t want to be lonely. But at least one point in our lives the tables had turn on us and we fall victim to being the rebound or the jump off. Sometimes we take being used from that person we really liked or loved, just to be close to them. Eventually most wake up and realize that hello that person doesn’t want you anymore or your just a toy to them. Some of us move on and some stick around because they don’t want to be alone. I for one rather be alone then stick around knowing I’m being used. Before I use to stick around because I was afraid I will never meet anyone and I will be alone forever (I sort of think like that still) but I’m much more stronger. I do slip up from time to time and call up the ex and say hey you wanna come over in the morning (we all got needs). But at the end of the day you can’t lose focus and you got to realize things between you and that person will never be the same, it can either get better or worst, up to the 2 people. Either way we use people for sex, money, companionship, business, etc. We just got to remember our limits and try not to hurt that person feelings (which happens anyways). So my advise to everyone is watch porn and play with yourself. Do this until you can find someone who is on the same page as you. Remember to lubricate…..




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  1. Moana M. October 10, 2010 at 10:55 #

    After awhile, porn gets old and even you get tired of your left hand (or right if you’re a lefty). I think it’s better to have a sex partner with whom you don’t develop any feelings for, but have great sex with, and who you can talk to about anything. Always got that in my back pocket, so to speak.

    Now, as for using … I agree, but it’s not always negative. The world, Life it self, is all about exchange: the bee uses pollen from the flower to make honey; the flower uses the bee to reproduce itself (pollination). Seen in a more positive light (cause that’s they way I am on a good day), it is a gift for a gift.
    It becomes “using” when one person gives and the other takes AND does not respect nor be considerate of the first person. To talk behind someone’s back and belittle them, but then to their face vomit false bullshit from their lips, there’s where the problem lies.

    Of course, nothing is quite as black and white … life is full of varied shades of gray, black and white a small percentage.


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