Oh S*** a bird just fell on my head

9 Jan

As everyone knows there has been some strange things going on in the world. One that got me singing “its the end of the world” is the birds falling out of the sky in Arkansas and the millions of dead fishes found in Maryland and around the world. Now I’ve been doing my research and reading different reports online and the experts that we spend our tax dollars on can’t figure this shit out.

I was reading on CNN and according to Dr. John Fisher “Unusually loud noises, reported shortly before the birds began to fall, caused the birds to flush from a roost, and New Year’s Eve fireworks in the area may have forced the birds to fly at a lower altitude than normal, causing them to hit houses, vehicles and trees, the commission’s statement said. Blackbirds have poor night vision and typically don’t fly at night. The collisions caused internal trauma, Fischer  said.”  Hmmm pause so you mean to tell me fireworks are the cause of this, yea okay. 

And according to an article in yahoo ” It was later explained that, though disturbing, birds tumbling from the sky isn’t all that  Mass die-offs, as scientists call them, occur regularly, and while this recent rash of dead fish, crabs, and birds may seem unprecedented, the AP writes that federal records show they happen on average every other day somewhere in North America.” Okay this is the first I heard of this. 

You also have a lot of people turning to some type of religion as to why  this is happening. From christianity all the way to  pagan beliefs there is some type of theory as to what is going on. And more than ever people is following the Nostradamus predictions and reading more closely into it. 

Maybe americans have been hiding in a bubble or been in denial or something but  I personally find this strange and disturbing. I mean they can figure out how many light years it takes from earth to the sun but they cant figure out why animals are dropping like flies, hmmm another pause……