Does size matter? Survey says….

8 Jan

Got your attention? Good. So I wanted to write about this topic for while but was a little reserved at first but then again you might get offended. So after many discussions with my friends (male and female) and doing some testing myself >wink<, I don’t think size matters. I might get a lot of slack for this from my females friends, especially with this rumor going around that I only date black guys (lol). But I think a guy with a 5 inch penis can work it as long as he knows how to move and hit the right spot. Now I do prefer a larger penis but if I happen to fall in love with a 5 incher I’ll be ok. Now a guy with a larger member is awesome but some of them sure don’t know how to move it. They hit everything but your G spot and afterwards leaving you with cramps worst then your period and you having to pop a Midol. Now guys if your not sure what your doing then watch basic porn and if the chick is cool enough ask her how she would like it (now don’t forget some chicks are lames). I do feel bad for guys because there is a lot of pressure on them and if they can please their partner right. But then again some guys don’t give a crap and they just make sure they nut and keep it moving. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to call on the “O” gods from time to time and have great penis afterwards. But to the females that haven’t had that pleasure, don’t be afraid to tell the guy how you like it. Don’t automatically assume that he should know because everyone is different. If you find yourself with a guy you just started seeing and about to do the do and you realize he has a penis smaller then what you wanted just give it a try, you might like it. But now if he has a baby penis (3 inches or smaller) then I have no comment on that. I think good sex is very important and if more people had it they wouldn’t have time to complain or be miserable. So to everyone make sure to have a enjoyable, happy, safe sex life. On that note ladies remember to pray to the “O” gods…..


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  1. Moana Michaels January 8, 2012 at 18:06 #

    Ahhh yes, this *is* dear to my heart as I am a hearty penis lover!
    One of my best lovers was very small and thin (that’s the other part that makes it all worth while: length and girth), but he was very good … for a time. He made up for his shortcoming with slamming me up against the wall, throwing me down on the bed and using his EXCELLENT pussy eating skill (never to be underrated). I could feel him, so that was cool. But I hope he never, ever asks me a question I can’t, or rather, don’t want to answer (Am I big?).

    Some guys really do need to pay attention to some “basic” porn, as you phrase it. I can not fathom what they are doing … and that’s bad because I know a great deal about sex, even the perverse kind. >>sigh<< It is so sad when you finally get to see it and you think, "Oh yeah baby, I'm ready for you big boy!", and then … he fails to deliver. In, out. In, out. … Yead, dude, keep it to yourself. My only thought is: when will this be over so I can use Pinky to get me off?

    I will always prefer width over length. I suppose my most comfortable size is 8-8.5 inches and about 2" in diameter. Now that's a challenge for blow-jobbing, but OMG that feels good inside me!

    Fingers, talented fingers that is, are amazing in conjunction with a pornirific-talented penis. Having a large size does not mean you can just show up and get applause. I'm the woman, What are you gonna do for me? If mama ain't happy, then you ain't happy. lol

    So, I agree with you UMIGHTGETOFFENDED, size doesn't really matter. Talent, skill, being a good eater and a desire to learn, experiment and please your partner guys, is really what matters. It's not the size of the wave, but rather the motion in the ocean.

  2. Moana Michaels January 8, 2012 at 18:20 #

    Oh, there was a guy who I’ll refer to as “Half Dick”. I can only assume it’s a baby dick because he never let me see it. Just as i thought it was getting good and I was going to say, “Put it in me all the way,” he came. And that’s when I realized, he *had* been in all the way!

    It is true that everyone’s different, so you gotta see what works for you. Obviously Half-Dick was NOT for me. What’s big for one, is small for another. Baby-Arm, another guy who I never had sex with, was packing some serious meat!!! Hence the nick-name Baby-Arm! It scared me, and it wasn’t even fully hard!!

    Another fact is that an average penis is about 5″-6″, most are growers, not showers, and some will push an inch past it’s hardest clocked length! So work it right!!!

    The clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings, compared to the 5,000 in the penis, and should never be overlooked during sex. If he’s not helping you out, then ladies, PLEASE for the love of the sex gods, take care of yourself!!!

    Hmmmm … got some good memories goin on right now 🙂


    • 2much4u January 9, 2012 at 12:59 #

      Well first thing a man needs to do is face reality. Weather you have a “half stick” or a “Hearty Penis”, he needs to know what he has. Its like basketbal ladies, think of it this way; When Kobe Bryant shoots alot and misses he does something else to help his team out. But he doesnt do it until his coach tells him he has only made 2 out of 15 shots. So let him know what he lacks and where he should go to excel above and beyond. Me? I know i am not the biggest but i am not bad. But I do know this; i will excel in other areas and it will be told that i do before the fact that i am not mandingo comes out. – Muah ladies great topic here.

      • Moana Michaels January 9, 2012 at 20:45 #

        Ha! That’s the least a guy can do “2much4u”. lol The more you bring to the table (or the bed in this case), the better it makes you.

        “not mandingo” … that’s funny! lol


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