I’ma ruin you C*nt!!

12 Jan

So I have a girl crush!! I was on necolebitchie.com and came across an article on a girl named Azealia Banks (Ah-Zee-Lee-Yah). I was already intrigued (not by the picture because it doesn’t do her any justice) with what Necole was saying about her, and she mentioned Kanye West was a huge fan. Now I am personally a big fan of Kanye and wanted to see what caught his interest musically. So of course I went on youtube right away and came across a few videos from her but the one that had me dancing in my seat was 212. It has everything that my multiple personalities needs from a witty rap, house beat, raunchy lyrics, singing and more. I think she is cute as a button but you can tell she doesn’t take any crap. Below are a few videos she has including an interview….

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