Fun facts

15 Jan

So I’m bored at work and was talking to my girly Denise through text and I told her something about me that I haven’t told anyone. So I figure it would be fun to do a few facts about me that some might not know….

  • My favorite color is blue
  • I love seafood
  • My comfort food is mac and cheese with ground beef or tuna fish and crackers
  • I drink entirely too much ginger ale for someone who is trying to lose weight
  • My favorite drink is Henny & coke
  • I used to be a size 13/14
  • I wear a 9/10 in shoes
  • Ants freak me out
  • I think some jewish guys with curly fros are cute (like Adam Sandler and Ben Savage)
  • I was in love more than 2 times
  • Sometimes I just eat the cheese off pizza
  • I really love cheese
  • I wish I had a drag queen swag
  • I’m a Gleek
  • I come up with great ideas but never put them into action
  • I don’t want kids
  • I want to be married before 35
  • I can’t live without my Iphone
  • I like to walk around barefoot (so a clean floor is a must)
  • I like to sleep with 3 pillows
  • If I can have comfortable silence with someone I know they’re a keeper
  • Love sex
  • I’m a sucker for green eyes
  • I only like watching tv shows by myself (no interruptions)
  • I like to cuddle
  • I’m a uber bitch if I’m hungry
  • I hate when people don’t keep their word
  • I really hate liars and pretenders
  • I hate flying
  • I love to be in water
  • I wish I was more creative
  • All my toiletries and books must be in size order
  • I love taking naps
  • I wish I had a  closer relationship with some of my family members
  • I hate olives
  • Love reality TV
  • I want to move to San Francisco
  • I used to wear braces
  • I want more tattoos

Ok that’s all for now….



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  1. Barry January 17, 2012 at 01:45 #

    and the one fact that ever one must know is ” I LOVE Barry , he is the greatest person in the world”…with your OCD ass. really toiletries in size order.C’mon son

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