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My therapy…

13 Jun

It’s been a long time since I wrote on here; I forgot how writing can be my form of therapy. The last time I wrote I was supposedly in a wonderful relationship and doing great things. Well since then so much has changed. I’m about to give a summary of what happen in the past 3 years and hopefully my story will help someone that is going through a similar situation.

So August of 2013 I found out I was pregnant which was insane because I thought I can never get pregnant and for sure didn’t have any desire to have kids. But once I found out I was pregnant I was actually really happy and excited. I did every thing by the book, stop smoking, took my prenatal vitamins, ate healthy, went to all my doctors appointments, etc. But at 11 weeks I started to experience heavy bleeding and thought at that point I lost the baby. To my surprise my baby was still there and had a healthy strong heart beat, the doctor said my condition was uncommon but I was still able to carry. I carried all the way until 16 weeks and I went into labor. I won’t go into details but that was by far the most traumatic experience I’ve ever been through. To sit in the back of an ambulance by yourself giving birth and no on there to hold your hand and no one to explain what is happening at that moment.  At one point I’ve completely given up and was ready to just go, what was the point? It took me a few months to get back to “normal” and get into my routine.

A year and half later I broke up with someone that I thought I would marry but thinking back now I’m glad that never happened. After our breakup I started to experience really bad panic attacks to the point I couldn’t even go to work. Then it started to get to the point I couldn’t even leave my own house without feeling like I was about to get an attack. I avoided public transportation, highways, elevators, department stores, etc… I became a prisoner in my own home and head. I sunk into a depression because  I was always out and about and I couldn’t even do simple daily tasks. I started doing research, joined a support group, and eventually started going to therapy. I was diagnose with general anxiety, panic disorder, and agoraphobia.. great I sound like a textbook case. One thing I can say is I really recommend therapy even if you think you don’t have anything wrong with you. I didn’t realize I was holding onto things in the past that I thought I let go. I never fully mourn my baby passing because I went to work 2 weeks after that happen and didn’t want to talk to anyone about it. I think my breakup with my ex was the tip of the iceberg. I was embarrassed that I actually let someone get me down the way they did and I was is in denial about it all.

With many months of therapy I’m finally back to doing things that I love to do. I won’t say I am back to the old Chrissy because this is the new, better version of myself. I’m not embarrassed anymore to show emotions or talk about my struggles. I’m definitely not where I want to be but for the first time I feel hopeful about the future.  Anywho enough of this sappy shit, I’ll get back to Umightgetoffended soon enough lol….


Awkward Spanish Girl

25 Jun


I recently started watching a mini series on YouTube called The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl by Issa Rae and it is extremely funny. I see myself in her (even though I am not black) and I can relate to her in so many ways. It is definitely a must see and you can check out her other web series on Watching the web series inspired me to write some of my awkward moments and I wanted to share with the rest of you. And after I write this I’m going to feel more awkward…Great!

  • Awkward moment when I am on the phone with a client and they put me on hold and I happen to like the hold music and start to sing along and the person comes back on the phone and stops me in the middle of a high note. This happened to me the other day and the hold music was Mariah Carey “we belong together”.
  • Awkward moment when your standing outside (either at work or your house) and you see someone who talks to much. I usually pretend to get an upsetting phone call or text so I can walk away.


  • Awkward moment when you’re looking at a dirty text or picture and someone walks behind you and you try to lock your phone hoping they didn’t see. (thank you BM for my privacy screen protector).
  • Awkward moment when a guy you don’t like keeps flirting with you and sending you IM’s asking when you’re going to let him take you out. I usually send a “lol” or say I am busy. (apparently that doesn’t work because they still do it).
  • Awkward moment when you’re texting an ex of yours and having a normal convo and they send you a text saying they love you. I usually just send a “awww”, “lol”, “smiley face”, or completely ignore it. I’m still trying to figure out which one is worst.
  • Awkward moment when your picking a wedgie and you see there is someone there…I’ll just pretend I’m wiping something off the back of my pants.
  • Awkward moment when someone ask me or notice my last name and automatically assume I speak spanish. Then I got to stop them mid-sentence and say “yo no hablo”. Then they proceed to say why you don’t speak spanish and I have to go into a whole spiel about my parents not teaching spanish at an earlier age…blah, blah, blah. Then I walk away feeling like a disgrace to my race and wanting to buy rosetta stone.
  • Awkward moment (part 2 of above moment) is when people say “I know your spanish but you don’t act like it”. Like really?! what do spanish people act like (ok I know what we act like and that’s for another post). But then I ask “what race do I act like?” and they usually say black or a mixture of different ones…. WTF!
  • And last but not least… Awkward moment when you realize that that person is just not into you…Whomp Whomp


(The awkward, chubby me a few years back…and no, those are just my play glasses)

Has the Power of the “P” lost it’s value?

14 Mar

The stock value definitely went down when it comes to the Power of the “P”. I had many discussions with my female friends and it seems we have to ask for sex now. That is just absurd to me because before women had the power when it came to sex and men had the power when it came to starting a relationship. Now it seems they control both even though some women wouldn’t admit it. Maybe it’s because more women are giving it up easily, or we don’t have to be ashamed of our sexual needs anymore. Maybe it’s because some men like to get there A-hole tickled by the other team. Either way it leaves a lot of lonely, single females out there wanting to pray to the “O” gods but at the same time wanting the affection and love from a relationship. I am grateful that I am not emotional like most females but I still miss having someone there to spoon and watch TV with (ok I’m being a girl).  There are a lot of successful women nowadays but most of them are miserable when it comes to their personal life because they don’t have a partner. For me I’m not stressing it because I am still young, good-looking, and doing ok for myself. School is my main focus and once I graduate I need to find a better job. I’m just worried once I accomplish most of my goals and I’m living a comfortable life, will I still be alone? Will I turn into one of those miserable witches? Will I turn into a bird lady (I’m allergic to cats)? Only time will tell but until than thank you for the invention of a vibrator….

This is hard….

27 Feb

So most people who know me know that I am a smoker; I’ve been smoking for almost 7 years. I had my first cigarette at 19 years old because I hated life at that moment and decided it was better than smoking crack.  So ever since then I found pleasure in sucking the cancer sticks and enjoying it most after I ate, drank, or after  xrated activities. Funny thing is when I started smoking I was dating someone who didn’t and was too nervous to tell him I picked up this nasty habit because I knew how he felt about cigarettes. I would do everything I could to hide the smell and keep it away from him but I knew he had an idea I smoked, he just never said anything. Good thing was whenever I was around him I never had the urge to smoke unless we had an argument, which then I would pretend to go to the store or take a walk to enjoy my cancer stick. After we broke up we remained friends and I still found myself hiding my habit from him until today. I decided to tell him that I smoke since I’m trying to quit again (for the 50th time). He always been a great person to give me advise and encouragement when I had a problem so I figure he can help me with this one.  Quitting is by far the hardest thing to do especially since most of my friends smoke, a lot of my co workers smoke, even my mom smokes . I decided to try to go cold turkey and I’m not sure if this is the smartest way but I want to challenge myself mentally. Hopefully no one bothers me today because I’m on edge already and it’s only been 14 hours since my last cigarette. Sweet baby Jesus this is hard…..


Drunken love

15 Feb



Is being a drama queen/heterosexual man the lastest rage? (the saga continues)

15 Feb

So I wrote this about 2 years ago and it still seems to apply….. I think I’m going to start playing for the other team because this is getting out of control. Enjoy…

Ok it is 2010 and there are to many heterosexual men acting like drama queens. It’s worst than Diana Ross and Rupaul fighting over who will direct Alexander McQueen documentary movie (to soon?). When a woman has to sit through 2 grueling hours listening to her man go through an emotional break down and explaining to her that his mother didn’t breast feed him as a baby and this is why all his past relationships didn’t work, that is a problem. Men love to call us females drama queens or crazy, when truth be told they are exactly like us. You are the company you keep and men must realize your female companion is a reflection of yourself. So if you chose to settle down finally with a chick, really pay attention to who you are dealing with. Don’t get me wrong I know there are a lot of crazy bitches out there, me being one of them sometimes (cellphone in the water) but I truly believe men love to bitch just as much. I have a lot of male friends and I would say 90% of them bitch more than my females friends (sorry I still love you guys). I’m all for deep intellectual conversations or really knowing a person, but when they start with the “my life sucks”, “I hate my chick or jumpoff”, “she breathes to loud during the movie”, or whatever, it gets a little annoying. I think I am going to start a men’s retreat so they can work on being less of a drama queen.


Same mistakes

15 Feb