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Has the Power of the “P” lost it’s value?

14 Mar

The stock value definitely went down when it comes to the Power of the “P”. I had many discussions with my female friends and it seems we have to ask for sex now. That is just absurd to me because before women had the power when it came to sex and men had the power when it came to starting a relationship. Now it seems they control both even though some women wouldn’t admit it. Maybe it’s because more women are giving it up easily, or we don’t have to be ashamed of our sexual needs anymore. Maybe it’s because some men like to get there A-hole tickled by the other team. Either way it leaves a lot of lonely, single females out there wanting to pray to the “O” gods but at the same time wanting the affection and love from a relationship. I am grateful that I am not emotional like most females but I still miss having someone there to spoon and watch TV with (ok I’m being a girl).  There are a lot of successful women nowadays but most of them are miserable when it comes to their personal life because they don’t have a partner. For me I’m not stressing it because I am still young, good-looking, and doing ok for myself. School is my main focus and once I graduate I need to find a better job. I’m just worried once I accomplish most of my goals and I’m living a comfortable life, will I still be alone? Will I turn into one of those miserable witches? Will I turn into a bird lady (I’m allergic to cats)? Only time will tell but until than thank you for the invention of a vibrator….


10 things that “Grind my gears”- Part 4 (Sex edition)

9 Jan

Some might agree or disagree with me but either way I don’t give a S*!*, Enjoy:

10. Bad kissers. I’m sure there is a way for some of you guys (ladies) that can learn how to be a better kisser. Why must all your saliva be on your chin and on my face. If you can’t kiss right I am already turned off.

9. Why do some people feel it’s ok to stick their tongue directly in your ear, that’s just nasty.

8. Guys that are too eager to get you in bed. Like can I have a cold heineken and possibly an episode of Big Bang Theory before we do the do. (No)

7. Shy men. Like why are you so scared to touch ladies down there. Granted there are some women with a whole pot of roast beef (and then I understand I wouldn’t touch it either) but man up. What happen mommy didn’t breast feed you enough, or you just might want to play for the other team. Learn how to be talented with your fingers, it will get you far…. Don’t worry Bermuda don’t bite.

6. Men that only know one position…BACK SHOTS! (lol thanks J)

5. Guys that talk to much during sex and ask you 100 times if you like it and if it’s hurting. Like really dude get over yourself, as a matter of fact get off me. UGGHH

4. When they grunt like a Wildebeest and sweat profusely and its only been 5 minutes.

3. When guys buy magnum condoms knowing damn well it’s going to be baggy on your little man. But I also hate when they have NYC condoms. Unless your planning to be a daddy, stop being cheap and buy the good kind.

2. Men that think all females are porn stars. What you see on porns is not real life. Sorry buddy I don’t get paid to throw my legs behind my head and have a banana do strange things to me while you watch.

1. A 1 minute man. Ok I get some guys haven’t had some in a while or you got overly excited. But jeez try to have more self control and rub one out if you know your going to get some. At least try to redeem yourself after your shortcomings.

~*~ Sexy Star Lopez ~*~ (And they said I’m picky)

Does size matter? Survey says….

8 Jan

Got your attention? Good. So I wanted to write about this topic for while but was a little reserved at first but then again you might get offended. So after many discussions with my friends (male and female) and doing some testing myself >wink<, I don’t think size matters. I might get a lot of slack for this from my females friends, especially with this rumor going around that I only date black guys (lol). But I think a guy with a 5 inch penis can work it as long as he knows how to move and hit the right spot. Now I do prefer a larger penis but if I happen to fall in love with a 5 incher I’ll be ok. Now a guy with a larger member is awesome but some of them sure don’t know how to move it. They hit everything but your G spot and afterwards leaving you with cramps worst then your period and you having to pop a Midol. Now guys if your not sure what your doing then watch basic porn and if the chick is cool enough ask her how she would like it (now don’t forget some chicks are lames). I do feel bad for guys because there is a lot of pressure on them and if they can please their partner right. But then again some guys don’t give a crap and they just make sure they nut and keep it moving. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to call on the “O” gods from time to time and have great penis afterwards. But to the females that haven’t had that pleasure, don’t be afraid to tell the guy how you like it. Don’t automatically assume that he should know because everyone is different. If you find yourself with a guy you just started seeing and about to do the do and you realize he has a penis smaller then what you wanted just give it a try, you might like it. But now if he has a baby penis (3 inches or smaller) then I have no comment on that. I think good sex is very important and if more people had it they wouldn’t have time to complain or be miserable. So to everyone make sure to have a enjoyable, happy, safe sex life. On that note ladies remember to pray to the “O” gods…..

Online Dating

10 Nov

Ok so recently I decided to try out this website called Plentyoffish and see what all the hype is about. A lot of my friends signed up  and actually went on a few dates thru the site. Me on the other hand I haven’t really sat down and went thru the 100,000’s of people who are on the site. It’s a little overwhelming with all the people and weeding out the good and bad.  People tend to make themselves sound so much better than what they really are. Like how can you really make a decision base off of what a person favorite food is. Well I have a list of few key words that might set off an alarm “like this person is a little off”. Maybe you can agree with me


  • Looking for a serious relationship (probably means that their to clingy)
  • Looking for a good time (they just wanna fuck)
  • Over archiver (whatever you do is not good enough because they want to out shine you)
  • I’m a very intense person (danger I’m a psycho)
  • I just like to have fun and laugh (probably means that they don’t take anything seriously)
  • Looking for someone to complete me (probably means that they looking for someone to take care of them)
  • I have kids (baby mama/father drama)
  • I just broke up with my ex 3 months ago (they are still not over that person)
  • I’m in between jobs at the moment (you already know, BROKE)
  • I’m a vegetarian (boring)
  • I like to have deep long intellectual conversations (talk to damn much)
  • I believe that beauty is within (they real ugly in person and they probably took their pic in the best angle they can find)
  • I like to take long walks in the park (BROKE)
  • I’m a home body (Lazy and probably broke)
  • I’m always on the go or out and about (probably wont have time for you)

I also try to avoid the people who start the conversation with “wassup ma” “hey beautiful” or “hey sexy” , seriously be more creative. And why people inbox you with the word HI and that’s it. I haven’t been on the site that long but I’m already over the online dating thing.

Truth is everyone uses each other……

4 Oct
So I had a random thought while I was riding the train this morning and listening to Jazmine Sullivan lions, tigers, and bears, and came to the conclusion that everyone uses each other. From the most minor things as getting a cup of coffee for someone or getting the mail, to big things like co signing for a car or borrowing a large amount of money. But I think everyone reading this can agree with me that at one point in their life they used someone just for the companionship. We string someone along, someone who we don’t even like that much just so we can have someone around. Some do it for the sex (most), or some just don’t want to be lonely. But at least one point in our lives the tables had turn on us and we fall victim to being the rebound or the jump off. Sometimes we take being used from that person we really liked or loved, just to be close to them. Eventually most wake up and realize that hello that person doesn’t want you anymore or your just a toy to them. Some of us move on and some stick around because they don’t want to be alone. I for one rather be alone then stick around knowing I’m being used. Before I use to stick around because I was afraid I will never meet anyone and I will be alone forever (I sort of think like that still) but I’m much more stronger. I do slip up from time to time and call up the ex and say hey you wanna come over in the morning (we all got needs). But at the end of the day you can’t lose focus and you got to realize things between you and that person will never be the same, it can either get better or worst, up to the 2 people. Either way we use people for sex, money, companionship, business, etc. We just got to remember our limits and try not to hurt that person feelings (which happens anyways). So my advise to everyone is watch porn and play with yourself. Do this until you can find someone who is on the same page as you. Remember to lubricate…..




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….Why was I born with a Vagina?

23 Jul

Don’t get me wrong ppl. I love my Vagina, I treat it well and for the most part it hasn’t let me down yet (except for that cheap Brazilian wax….the HORROR) BUT I find myself zoning out and staring @ women. Seriously, if I am not passed out on the train on my way to work I am looking @ chicks and thinking I would tear that ass up daily.. and then move on to the next..I would of been a man whore…that is IF I had a penis. No I am not a lesbian, I love men..but I enjoy women once in a while  ..I’m just curious to what it feels like to have the almighty cock. Guys go nuts for some head, I want to know what the big deal is about.. does it feel as good as when my twat gets tickled? Then again do I really want to deal with unpredictable boners @ the wrong time? Anyway gotta go, this was just a random thought…