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Another Year, Same type of feeling

8 Jan

Yes I already know, almost a whole year without writing anything. What can I say I go through these fazes where I want to write for 3 months, then read a whole book series, then paint or draw something. I can never settle down on something, I guess that’s the Sagittarius in me. Anywho to bring everyone up to speed, I feel like I’ve been on the same level throughout 2011. Work is still the same, the website flop, love life still non-existence. The only good thing that came out of the year was getting my car but then again that’s another bill to add to my plate. But hopefully this year will be a little different. I start on-line school¬†in few weeks which I am excited about. New love interest? hmmm maybe, I’m just having fun for the moment but only time can tell. Oh and I’m trying to live a healthier life style; I started a few months ago. So far I lost 16 pounds and going to try to continue to work out more¬†(thank you Wii Fit). Well I’m not going to promise I’ma write much but we shall see. Until next time….