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There is an Allah out there…..

2 Aug

Yesterday had to been the longest day for me in a while. I got up at 8:30am, to leave my house by 9:15 am, to be at work by 11:30am, and left work at 10pm. When I finally get to Sheepshead Bay Rd train station I decided to take a cab instead of waiting for the bus for 30 mins. As many of my people know I am a bag lady, I never have less than 2 bags with me most of the time. So with me trying to get situated in the cab I took my mom Ipod out to put in my sweat pants pocket. (Every sunday night the first thing I do when I get home is put my mom Ipod on the kitchen table so she can take it with her to work the next day). So I get upstairs, put my bags down, and went to look for the Ipod. No Ipod to be found!! Oh s*** I left the damn Ipod in the cab.

 So I had a few decisions to make, either call a cab to take me back to the train station to look for the cab I just got of to pay to go back home. Ahhh negative….The next option was take my dad car and drive myself to the train station but if I get pulled over its my ass because I only got my permit. Double negative….The next best option and final decision was to call my one-legged Jew brother from another mother A.K.A 2nd floor white mike to drive me there in my father’s car. F*** it I needed to get this Ipod back. Even though my mother is 5’0 exact and like 155 pounds she still puts the fear in my heart. If I was to lose her Ipod I wouldn’t hear the end of it.

So me and super Jew hop in my father’s car and headed to the train station. While driving there I am praying my ass off for the cab to be there and for him to have my Ipod. Which make me a hypocrite because I only call on the big man upstairs when I’m usually in tight situation (but we talked and we going to work on our relationship). Mike does the illegal right turn on the red and does another U-turn to the train station so we can get there before he takes another cab fare. I get out the car and go to the first Hibebe I saw (because they all look-alike to me) and it wasn’t him. But then I heard someone call me over and it was the cab driver and he had the Ipod. Bless his little muslim heart, he found it!! And lucky thing we got there when we did because someone was about to hop in his cab. I thanked him a 1000 times and we drove off. There are good people out there and I believe in karma because I’ve been doing a lot of good deeds this year.

But anywho that was my eventful evening last night, my parents doesn’t know what happen as of yet and I know my pops is wondering why his car was two cars down from where he originally parked. I hoping he had a case of dementia and doesn’t question anything. We shall see….


Grateful Chrissy…..