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10 things that “Grind my gears”- Part 4 (Sex edition)

9 Jan

Some might agree or disagree with me but either way I don’t give a S*!*, Enjoy:

10. Bad kissers. I’m sure there is a way for some of you guys (ladies) that can learn how to be a better kisser. Why must all your saliva be on your chin and on my face. If you can’t kiss right I am already turned off.

9. Why do some people feel it’s ok to stick their tongue directly in your ear, that’s just nasty.

8. Guys that are too eager to get you in bed. Like can I have a cold heineken and possibly an episode of Big Bang Theory before we do the do. (No)

7. Shy men. Like why are you so scared to touch ladies down there. Granted there are some women with a whole pot of roast beef (and then I understand I wouldn’t touch it either) but man up. What happen mommy didn’t breast feed you enough, or you just might want to play for the other team. Learn how to be talented with your fingers, it will get you far…. Don’t worry Bermuda don’t bite.

6. Men that only know one position…BACK SHOTS! (lol thanks J)

5. Guys that talk to much during sex and ask you 100 times if you like it and if it’s hurting. Like really dude get over yourself, as a matter of fact get off me. UGGHH

4. When they grunt like a Wildebeest and sweat profusely and its only been 5 minutes.

3. When guys buy magnum condoms knowing damn well it’s going to be baggy on your little man. But I also hate when they have NYC condoms. Unless your planning to be a daddy, stop being cheap and buy the good kind.

2. Men that think all females are porn stars. What you see on porns is not real life. Sorry buddy I don’t get paid to throw my legs behind my head and have a banana do strange things to me while you watch.

1. A 1 minute man. Ok I get some guys haven’t had some in a while or you got overly excited. But jeez try to have more self control and rub one out if you know your going to get some. At least try to redeem yourself after your shortcomings.

~*~ Sexy Star Lopez ~*~ (And they said I’m picky)