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Does size matter? Survey says….

8 Jan

Got your attention? Good. So I wanted to write about this topic for while but was a little reserved at first but then again you might get offended. So after many discussions with my friends (male and female) and doing some testing myself >wink<, I don’t think size matters. I might get a lot of slack for this from my females friends, especially with this rumor going around that I only date black guys (lol). But I think a guy with a 5 inch penis can work it as long as he knows how to move and hit the right spot. Now I do prefer a larger penis but if I happen to fall in love with a 5 incher I’ll be ok. Now a guy with a larger member is awesome but some of them sure don’t know how to move it. They hit everything but your G spot and afterwards leaving you with cramps worst then your period and you having to pop a Midol. Now guys if your not sure what your doing then watch basic porn and if the chick is cool enough ask her how she would like it (now don’t forget some chicks are lames). I do feel bad for guys because there is a lot of pressure on them and if they can please their partner right. But then again some guys don’t give a crap and they just make sure they nut and keep it moving. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to call on the “O” gods from time to time and have great penis afterwards. But to the females that haven’t had that pleasure, don’t be afraid to tell the guy how you like it. Don’t automatically assume that he should know because everyone is different. If you find yourself with a guy you just started seeing and about to do the do and you realize he has a penis smaller then what you wanted just give it a try, you might like it. But now if he has a baby penis (3 inches or smaller) then I have no comment on that. I think good sex is very important and if more people had it they wouldn’t have time to complain or be miserable. So to everyone make sure to have a enjoyable, happy, safe sex life. On that note ladies remember to pray to the “O” gods…..


Kanye West and Lil Wayne get paid millions to look like douchebags, what’s your excuse???

27 Sep



Ok so the title explains it all.   I usually get on the ladies for all of their fashion no-no’s but I need to touch basis on the styles that some guys think is “fashionable”. I thought the skinny jeans trend was just going to last 2 years top but it’s been going on for way too long now. I guess the threat of potentially not having kids because the jeans are cutting off blood circulation to your scrotum has no effect. Not only do some guys wear skinny jeans, they have the audacity to wear it below their ass. Not to many words can describe how ridiculous they look.  

A few things that I hate on a guy:

  • V necks
  • Skinny jeans
  • Over size belt buckles
  • Any name brand scarfs (example below)

  • Fake jewelry
  • Bright pink and purple anything
  • Boat shoes
  • Wearing shoes with no socks
  • Oversize jeans
  • Cartoon character underwear (like sponge bob or spider man, unless someone bought them for you and its laundry day)
  • Guys that get perms (unless your Snoop)
  • Oversize baseball hats
  • Guys who wear jersey’s everyday of the week
  • Fitted t-shirts on a big belly man
  • Colorful sneakers

I can’t think of anything else I can’t stand on a guy but I’m sure later on I’ll come up with more. One thing a guy can’t go wrong with is a good tailor suit.


Finess all around, Damn!


~*~ Chrissy~*~