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22 Jan

So while everyone is home or out watching football (which I don’t care for too much) I’m stuck at work taking annoying phone calls. Even though I don’t watch football I still want to enjoy buffalo wings, potato skins, and a couple of brewskies. Working Sundays really blows especially when you have a lot on your mind. But I thank the big man upstairs for Netflixs to get me through this grueling day (and of course WordPress). This weekend was disappointing but nonetheless its a new start to┬áthe week, and I am grateful to see another day. Also I start online classes soon which I’m exciting about and hopefully that will get me out the rut I’ve been in. Anywho pervs I need help with the next few topics because I’ve seem to run out of ideas at the moment…. I need more inspiration in my life. So give me your suggestions people….

Till next time