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Online Dating

10 Nov

Ok so recently I decided to try out this website called Plentyoffish and see what all the hype is about. A lot of my friends signed up  and actually went on a few dates thru the site. Me on the other hand I haven’t really sat down and went thru the 100,000’s of people who are on the site. It’s a little overwhelming with all the people and weeding out the good and bad.  People tend to make themselves sound so much better than what they really are. Like how can you really make a decision base off of what a person favorite food is. Well I have a list of few key words that might set off an alarm “like this person is a little off”. Maybe you can agree with me


  • Looking for a serious relationship (probably means that their to clingy)
  • Looking for a good time (they just wanna fuck)
  • Over archiver (whatever you do is not good enough because they want to out shine you)
  • I’m a very intense person (danger I’m a psycho)
  • I just like to have fun and laugh (probably means that they don’t take anything seriously)
  • Looking for someone to complete me (probably means that they looking for someone to take care of them)
  • I have kids (baby mama/father drama)
  • I just broke up with my ex 3 months ago (they are still not over that person)
  • I’m in between jobs at the moment (you already know, BROKE)
  • I’m a vegetarian (boring)
  • I like to have deep long intellectual conversations (talk to damn much)
  • I believe that beauty is within (they real ugly in person and they probably took their pic in the best angle they can find)
  • I like to take long walks in the park (BROKE)
  • I’m a home body (Lazy and probably broke)
  • I’m always on the go or out and about (probably wont have time for you)

I also try to avoid the people who start the conversation with “wassup ma” “hey beautiful” or “hey sexy” , seriously be more creative. And why people inbox you with the word HI and that’s it. I haven’t been on the site that long but I’m already over the online dating thing.